Hauling Water - Texas Style!
By President Mark Davis
May 30, 2024

On May 24th, crews from District 7 Fire Rescue and surrounding Bexar County (Texas) fire departments participated in our 2-hr rural water supply drill. The drill culminated our 16-hr Rural Water Supply Operations Seminar that was sponsored and hosted by District 7 Fire Rescue. The drill used three engines and 8 tenders to support an 800 gpm peak flow using four dump tanks and two fill sites. Given the scarcity of surface water sites, the two fill sites were supplied by municipal fire hydrants and provide about a 2.4 and 6-mile round trip for the rigs hauling water. The 100+ degree F weather added an extra challenge to the process, but everyone did a really great job supporting the water supply operation. Many thanks to District 7 Fire Rescue and TEEX for their excellent logistical support. Instructors for the seminar were Mark Davis and Alan Butsch.,

Units: Engine 115, Engine 116, Tender 115 (2000 gal), Bexar ESD 2 Tender 124 (3000 gal), Bexar-Bulverde Tender 104 (3000 gal), Medina ESD#1 Tender 8110 (3000 gal), Medina ESD#1 Tender 8115 (3000), Bexar ESD#8 Engine 181, Leon Springs Engine 133 (2000 gal), Helotes Tender 138 (2200 gal), and Boerne Tender 49 (2000 gal).