Hauling Water - Oregon Style!
By President Mark Davis
May 9, 2024

On May 4, 2024, members and apparatus from the Lane Fire Authority and surrounding departments participated in a rural water supply tender shuttle operation as part of our 16-hr Rural Water Supply Operations Seminar that was sponsored by Region 5 Training Association and hosted by the Lane Fire Authority. The goal was to establish and sustain at least a 500 gpm flow using the five tenders and one fill site. The drill was held at Fern Ridge Lake and started off as a nurse tender operation that eventually transitioned to a dump tank operation. The folks spent Friday morning and afternoon reviewing the best practices of hauling water with tenders and did some more of that Saturday morning. The seminar culminated Saturday afternoon with the water shuttle drill. Many thanks to Region 5 Training Association for sponsoring the event and many thanks to the Lane Fire Authority for the excellent logistical support.

The seminar was also a huge milestone for us as we completed work in our 42nd State. Prior to this event our record stood at 41 States and 3 provinces! Thanks so much for choosing us for your water supply training.

Units: Lane Engine 105, Lane Engine 112, Lane Engine 121, Lane Tender 102, McKenzie Tender 1612, Corvallis Tender 143, Siusaw Tender 631, and Siusaw Tender 635.