Dry Hydrant Design #64 - Bridge-Mount Installation - Lake Silkworth, PA
By President Mark Davis
April 19, 2024

This morning we completed another successful bridge-mount dry fire hydrant installation; this time in the Lake Silkworth area of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania on Marchakitus Road at Pikes Creek. The installation used our angle-mount design and an ETT suction head and stream strainer. The installation was funded by the Lake Silkworth VFD with pipe being supplied by Lehman Township. A flow test of the finished installation produced 1,114 gpm using Lake Silkworth Engine 2 (1,250 gpm). Elevation at the bridge was 1,090 feet and lift 9-feet. Ample water existed at the location and this installation should speed up drafting set-up operations...especially when staffing is limited. Go to our Facebook page to see some video clips of the installation. (The clips are posted for 30-days)