Drafting Tip #22 - Floating Strainer Pins/Slides
By President Mark Davis
March 28, 2024

Another simple item that can make or break a quick drafting set-up. Many of the floating suction strainer manufacturers use some type of pin or slide bar lock to secure the strainer in the float during storage. On some brands, it you forget to remove the pin or move the slide bar then there is a good chance that the strainer and float will come out of the water once the suction hose is full of water and thus....air will now sneak into your drafting set-up because a corner of the suction screen is out of the water. It is very easy for this to happen when in a rush to get that drafting operation set up. Review your strainers and know what needs "moved" or "pulled" in order to allow the float to swivel under the hose load once deployed. This beats having to pull the hose back in or sending the new guy out in the water to fix it!