Dump Site Operations #28 - Multiple Suction Intakes
By President Mark Davis
February 8, 2024

A few photos from our 2014 seminar in Peace River, Alberta where folks got to practice their water hauling skills using a variety of fill sites and tenders. The dump site pumper was able to get three suction lines in operation which enhanced its ability to supply water to the simulated fireground. As noted in previous news stories, the ability to get additional suction intake lines in operation (regardless of pressurized or static supply) really can be a game changer when it comes to supply pumper operations. At the drill in Alberta, the pumper had a control valve on all three suction inlets so that made bringing the additional intake lines on easier. The pumper did not carry enough suction hose to execute the maneuver so the additional needed suction hose was acquired from other rigs passing through the dump site. When operating as the supply pumper always think about how to get more water into your fire pump.