What's On Your Tanker 45 - A Moving Toolbox
By President Mark Davis
August 3, 2023

In a large-scale water supply operation involving a tanker shuttle, tankers make stops at two important places....the off-loading site and the reloading site. The well-equipped tanker carries "extra" stuff that might be needed at either of those two places: appliances, suction hose, adaptors, etc. The single photo shown in this News Story illustrates a pretty good tale early in the buildout of a 1500 gpm dump tank operation. Besides their 6500 combined gallons of water, the first two arriving tankers both brought two, Single-Lane (R) dump tanks and all of the "stuff" shown sitting on the sidewalk. As the dump site got built out, that cache of stuff became very useful. Thus, this is but one example of why we emphasize the best practice is to outfit your tanker so that it can provide more than water and a dump tank at both ends of a tanker shuttle operation.