What's on Your Engine Company #11 - A Big Pump
By President Mark Davis
May 4, 2023

In many of our YouTube video clips and often during our classes you will hear us speak of the benefits of the "big" pump in the rural setting. One misconception of the big pump in the rural setting is that "we have nothing that needs a 2000 gpm fire flow." In the rural environment where tanker shuttles or LDH relays are the norm, the advantage of a large capacity pumper is the ability to pump the lower volumes at higher pressures or run a multiple-dump tank operation without the need for another rig to power water transfer devices.

During our 2022 seminar in Patterson, NY we had the opportunity to use Patterson Engine 22-2-4 to run the dump site. The 2250 gpm rig drafted using three, 6-inch suction lines; ran five, 6-inch jet siphons; and, flowed 1300 gpm to a tower ladder. Hence, the big pump performed as designed for the rural water supply operation.