Hauling Water - Finger Lakes Style!
By President Mark Davis
April 20, 2023

On April 15th, more than 75 folks from the Seneca County, New York and surrounding region participated in a rural water supply drill using 13 tankers and two fills site. The drill culminated our 14-hr Rural Water Supply Operations Seminar that was sponsored by the Seneca County Department of Emergency Services and the Seneca County Chiefs Association and hosted by the Fayette Fire Department. This was our fourth seminar for the folks in Seneca County over the last ten years and was well-attended and supported as always. The departments have made great strides in improving their rural water supply operations. During this year's drill, crews were able to hit the 1000 gpm flow mark using a 4-dump tank arrangement and a 10-mile round trip tanker shuttle route.

Mutual Aid: Fayette 402, Fayette 421, Oaks Corners 3231, Border City 221, Ovid 1104, Ovid 1121, Junius 722, Lodi 821, Varick 1504, Canoga 302, Canoga 321, Waterloo 1621, Interlaken 501, Interlaken 503, Romulus 1321, Seneca Falls 1403, Sennett TP21-3, and Sennett TA-1.