Dry Fire Hydrant Design #55 - Support Stanchion - Texas
By President Mark Davis
April 13, 2023

The use of 45-degree elbows in dry fire hydrant design is important in reducing the friction loss in the designed system. This practice does not always work out due to the grade of the slope or the footprint available for installation, but it is the better choice. But as with most anything, there is always a disadvantage or two. With the 45-degree suction head there becomes the issue of downward force placed on the head and connection when suction hose is hooked up. The higher the head is from ground level the greater the lever action placed on the system. Sometimes a support stanchion is needed to reduce the lever action created once suction hose is connected. Stanchions come in many styles, but they do need to be sturdy enough to support the weight of the hose connection and forces associated with making and breaking that connection. During our 2019 seminar in North Hays, Texas we used a new dry hydrant installation that had a concrete stanchion....it worked just fine.