Portable Pump Use #5 - Two Portables Used to Support Fill Site - Hartford, VT
By President Mark Davis
April 6, 2023

From our 2011 seminar in Hartford, Vermont, two portable pumps were used to supply water from the Connecticut River to a 1,500 gpm pumper that then loaded tankers at just around the 1100 gpm mark. The portables supplied water to the pumper's front and officer side intakes and when not loading tankers, the water from the portable pumps travelled through the 1500 gpm midship pump out the driver's side into a 2500 gallon dump tank set up for temporary storage. When tanker loading commenced, the combined efforts of drafting and the portable pumps allowed the tankers to be loaded in short order and get sent back on the road to the dump site. The success of the portable pump use was mostly attributed to the use of 4-inch LDH and oversizing the suction hose.