Portable Pump Use #3 - Supporting an Open Relay - Bastrop, Texas
By President Mark Davis
March 2, 2023

Since we are heading to Bastrop, Texas in just under 30 days to deliver another one of our 16-hr Rural Water Supply Operation Seminars we thought we would post some portable pump photos from our 2014 seminar there. The 2014 seminar was our second trip to Bastrop and we were very impressed with their ability to use portable pumps (modified) to support open relay fill site operations. The photos in this news story are from a fill site at a local lake where we practiced using a portable pump equipped with 6-inch suction hose and 5-inch LDH discharge hose to supply water to a 3000-gallon dump tank from which a 1750 gpm pumper drafted and loaded tankers. That same pumper also supplied a TurboDraft eductor that provided a second supply line into the dump tank. Everything worked just fine and tankers were loaded at rates exceeding 1000 gpm....which was the goal. We are excited to see what's new in Bastrop this coming April.