LDH Appliances #10 - More About Annual Service Testing
By President Mark Davis
February 9, 2023

NFPA 1962 addresses the service testing of fire hose, nozzles, and appliances. Part of a service testing program is the pressure testing of LDH appliances. The majority of the LDH appliances that we encounter in our seminar travels are of the casted type and the quality of those products are only as good as the quality of the casting process and the material used to make the device. We then add in the use and abuse provided by the fire department: storage, rough handling, etc...and we find that the devices may not withstand the normal operating pressures or a surge pressure. The rate of failure is very low....but you do not want to the be the person operating a gated LDH manifold when it decides to blow apart -catastrophically. Therefore, be sure to include the pressure testing of your LDH appliances as part of your department's annual hose service testing program. We talked some about this back in 2019 but it remains just as important today.

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