What's on Your Tanker? #41 - Pre-Connected Fill Lines - Oconee County, SC
By President Mark Davis
February 2, 2023

We always appreciate anything that can be done to bring efficiency to a tanker loading operation. During our 2018 seminar in Oconee County, SC we got to work with a number of tankers that were set-up for the efficient set up of loading operations....meaning the "build-out" did not take long. Crossroads Tanker 13 (3,000 gal) runs pre-connected fill lines equipped with cam-lock fittings and gate valves. If they are the first tanker to arrive at a fill site, they can quickly assist the fill site pumper in building out the fill lines. Once loaded, everything is left at the fill site for the next rig. No digging through compartments for adaptors or valves or rolls of hose. Simple operation....and they were very efficient (1000 gpm) at loading the tankers as well.