What's on Your Tanker? #40 - Tanker/Pumper - Stockton Springs, Maine
By President Mark Davis
January 26, 2023

Water hauling rigs truly vary from region to region throughout the United States. Many variables come into play when we look at how we use our water haulers: topography, water source distance and access, availability of mutual aid rigs, versatility of the piece, etc. Rigs are often designed and equipped to best serve the response district which they serve. During our 2015 seminar in Prospect, Maine we encountered a number of "tanker/pumpers" serving the area...an area comprised of winding roads, long and narrow driveways back to camps, and numerous ponds and other static water sources.

Stockton Springs Tanker 2 (1000 gpm/1500 gal) is a short-wheel base rig equipped with a front mount pump for easy access to ponds and dry hydrants. The rig can drop some LDH and a manifold and supply water back to a fire scene or complete a forward lay and be the attack pumper back a narrow driveway. And....it can haul and dump water. During our 2-hr water supply drill the folks ended up taking the rig out of the water hauling operation and used it to draft and supply a couple jet siphons. This move actually raised the total flow of the operation. Think about that for a moment, a tanker was moved from hauling water to running jet siphons and the total fireground flow improved. That is the importance of versatility. We are not sure if the rig still "lives" today...so enjoy the photos.