Fill Site Operations #12 - Using What You Have
By President Mark Davis
December 29, 2022

We show a lot of "big water" operations using "big water" stuff....but not everybody has that stuff. When faced with a water supply operation that can't wait, figure out how to use what you have to the best of its ability. These photos from our 2012 seminar in Sumter County, Alabama, show a 1,250 gpm pumper drafting through 40-feet of 6-inch suction hose and loading tankers at a rate of 1,000 gpm using twin, 50-ft lengths of 2-1/2" hose. They chose not to use the dry fire hydrant, they chose to remove the driver side suction inlet control valve, they chose to grab some suction hose from the 1st arriving tanker, and they chose to keep the fill lines short and use more than one. All of those actions contributed to this pumper's ability to support a 1,000 gpm tanker loading station. Nice work.