Dry Fire Hydrant Design #53 - Proctorsville, Vermont
By President Mark Davis
November 10, 2022

We recently completed another one of our bridge-mount dry fire hydrant installations....this time in Proctorsville, Vermont on Winery Road at the bridge over the Black River. This location presented our greatest challenge in terms of pipe length as we exceeded our traditional design limit of 20-feet of pipe and had to use 22-feet of pipe to complete the installation. The installation was funded in part by the Vermont Rural Fire Protection Task Force's program that supports the design and installation of dry fire hydrants throughout the State. The program is really well run and has produced many quality installations all over Vermont.

During the installation performance flow test we were able to achieve a flow of 998 gpm using Proctorsville Engine 2....a 1250 gpm pumper. Elevation at the location was 960 feet and the lift was 18-feet.....so.....not too shabby for a 1250 gpm pumper. Be sure to watch the video clip attached to this news story.

Many thanks to Troy Dare of the VRFTF for helping with the installation.

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