What's on Your Tanker? #37 - Clarksville VFC 2TA22 - Clarksville, NY
By President Mark Davis
October 6, 2022

During our September 2022 rural water supply seminar in Cuba, New York, we came across Tanker 7 (a.k.a. 2TA22) from the Clarksville VFC. The 2019 Sutphen stainless-steel wet-side body tanker is built on an International chassis and is equipped with a Hale DSD 1250 gpm single-stage pump and a 2000-gallon UPF water tank. In addition to carrying a 2500-gallon dump tank the tanker also is equipped with a number of portable appliances that can be used to help build out a large-capacity tanker shuttle operation. On Sunday, September 25th we got to see the tanker in use; the crew did a great job of hauling water during the 2-hour event and the rig performed quite well as a water hauler; it loaded fast, dumped fast, and was easy to maneuver over the 6.5-mile round trips to the fill site.

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