Dry Fire Hydrant Design #51 - Wall Mount - Harford County, Maryland
By President Mark Davis
September 15, 2022

A few photos from our recent installation of a wall-mount dry fire hydrant on Deer Creek Church Road in Harford County, Maryland. This was our 23rd dry fire hydrant installation in Harford County since 2018; the local fire departments and County EMA are undertaking an aggressive plan to improve access to static water sources in the non-hydranted areas of the County.

Given the design of the culvert at this location, our swivel-mount design would not work so we had to resort to a more traditional fixed installation using one of our saddle-mount brackets. A 6-inch horizontal barrel strainer with a back-flush feature was used in the water and a 6-inch ETT female suction head was used as the FD connection. A flow test conducted on September 14th produced a flow of 1204 gpm using a 1500 gpm pumper. Lift was right around 11 feet and elevation about 220 feet.