What's on Your Tanker? #36 - Tanker 10 - Croton on Hudson, NY
By President Mark Davis
August 18, 2022

Tanker 10 from Washington Engine Co 2 of the Croton-on-Hudson Fire Department is a 2012 Seagrave engine/tanker carrying 3000 gallons of water and equipped with a 1500 gpm pump. The engine/tanker and crew participated in our 16-hr Rural Water Supply Operations Seminar recently hosted by the Patterson Fire Department No.1. The "business end" of Tanker 10 has a 12-inch round dump and twin, 4-inch Fireman Friend Valves outfitted to be loaded using 5-inch LDH. The engine/tanker and crew did a nice job hauling water during the 2-hr water supply drill and the rig performed as designed.