Hauling Water - Patterson, New York Style!
By President Mark Davis
August 4, 2022

On Sunday, July 31st more than 45 participants from the Patterson (NY) Fire Department and surrounding areas spent their afternoon refining their water hauling skills. The 2-hour drill culminated our 16-hour Rural Water Supply Operations Seminar that was sponsored and hosted by the Patterson Fire Department No 1. The weekend began Saturday morning with a classroom session on reviewing the best practices of hauling water with tankers. The remainder of Saturday and then Sunday morning were spent on practical skill sessions concentrating on dump site and fill operations. Sunday afternoon was then dedicated to the big water drill. Six tankers and three engines were used to support a 1300 gpm dump site operation...which eventually grew to four dump tanks in size. Two fill sites were used to support the operation each providing about a 2-mile roundtrip for the rigs hauling water. Instructors for the weekend were Mark Davis and Tim Legore. Many thanks to the Patterson Fire Department No 1 for hosting the seminar.

Units: Patterson Engine 2-4 (2250 gpm.2500gal), Patterson Tanker 4-2 (1500 gpm/2800 gal), Mahopac Falls Tanker 4-1 (1500 gpm/2500 gal), Brewster Tanker 4-2 (1750 gpm/2500 gal), Putnam Valley Tanker 4-1 (1000 gpm/2500 gal), Putnam Lake Engine 2-5 (2000 gpm/2500 gal), Lake Carmel Tanker 4-1 (1000 gpm/2500 gal), Croton Tanker 10 (1250 gpm/3000 gal), and Bedford Engine 108 (1500 gpm/300 gal).