What's on Your Tanker? #32 -Peru 122-M1 (Vermont)
By President Mark Davis
June 9, 2022

During our recent seminar in Weston, Vermont, we came across Peru Engine 1, a 2004 VTEC engine/tanker equipped with a 1500 gpm Hale rear-mount pump. VTEC (formerly Middlesex) is a small, Vermont based apparatus builder that has built some unique apparatus for the New England area. Peru Engine 1 is also equipped with a Class A foam system and side dumps. The rear-mount pump configuration works well for drafting from a pond or stream and for operating a "single-lane" dump tank set-up. The single-axle short wheelbase works well for the narrow, Vermont mountain roads. During our 2-hour drill, Engine 1 drafted and operated one of the tanker fill sites.