Cob Pile Fire - Hauling Water With A Purpose In Indiana
By President Mark Davis
December 23, 2021

During our 16-hr Rural Water Supply Operations Seminar we spend a bit of time discussing "campaign" style water supply events. Sometimes it is a onion warehouse on fire, or several commercial buildings downtown on fire, or perhaps a huge log pile on fire at an oriented-strand board factory: for the past week it has been a very large corncob pile (with some straw bales included) on fire in Windfall, Indiana. The folks from the Wildcat Twp VFD and the Duck Creek Twp VFD (plus others) have been working around the clock with County officials to bring this fire under control.

You may remember the names of these fire departments from our 2018 seminar hosted in Windfall by the Wildcat Twp VFD. Participants became members in our 1000 GPM Club that weekend; and clearly....campaign water supply events can and do happen in small communities....that is why we focus on "big water" operations in our programs.

At this corncob pile fire, water supply operations have been in the form of a tanker shuttle using number of tankers and a couple of water sources. Check out the news story link to see today's update from Channel 13 news.

Hopefully the fire goes out soon. All of the photos posted in our story were provided by the Wildcat Twp and Duck Creek Twp Volunteer Fire Departments. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Hyperlinks: Channel 13 News Update 12/23/21