Water Supply Apparatus #5 - Hose Reel Pumper - Stottville, NY
By President Mark Davis
October 21, 2021

During our 16-hr Rural Water Supply Operations Seminar earlier this month in Stockport, NY we came across Engine 50-22 from the Stottville Fire Department. The rig is a 2003 Ferrara equipped with a 2000 gpm Hale QMax pump, 750 gallons of water and a large hose reel that carries 2000 feet of 5-inch LDH. The pumper is well-equipped to operate as a water supply pumper whether from draft or from a pressurized source. The rig was used as the dump site pumper during our 2-hr drill on Sunday. Reel trucks are few and far between these days so it was nice to see one and be able to share some photos.