Dump Site Operations #23 - More About Water Transfer Devices
By President Mark Davis
September 16, 2021

Jet siphons are the most common means of transferring water between dump tanks during rural water supply operations. There a number of different types of jet siphon devices; the two most common are the thread-in style device and the combination low level strainer/jet siphon device. Both work just fine; but each has its own limitations. The thread-in type is easy to store but does not access as much of the water storage as the strainer type. The strainer type takes up more storage space but accesses more water in the dump tank.

In terms of flow, we just haven't quite figured out which one takes less inlet flow to make it work. So....just pump the devices until they look like the stream shown in this news story and most all of the time....your usable water flow will work out just fine.

Note: Our programs recommend counting on no more than 500 gpm of usable transfer water with each 6-inch set-up. Most of the time you should get more....but just count on 500 gpm....that provides a good buffer.