Dry Fire Hydrant Design #42 - Glen Cove Road - Darlington, MD
By President Mark Davis
June 24, 2021

Earlier this month we completed several DFH installations in Harford County, Maryland as part of their fire protection water supply source development program. Many of the installations replaced "fixed-pipe" DFH systems that had silted in over time due to sediment runoff into the stream.

The photos in this news story show our installation on Glen Cove Road over Peddlers Run in the Darlington area of Harford County. The stream at this location runs pretty shallow but is also reasonably wide enough to support a good fire flow. The challenge at this bridge was that the guard rail system used a new style of guard rail post (much skinnier) which required us to modify our angle-mount system. As with any of our installations, each one is custom work....similar operating characteristics...but custom attachment design.

Once installed, we were able to flow 1192 gpm before a vortex at the strainer prevented us from going any higher. The suction head and strainer were ETT products. Elevation was 280 feet and lift was 9-feet.

The installation replaced a fixed-pipe one that no longer worked due to being silted over. Checkout our Facebook page for a video from flow testing day.