Dry Fire Hydrant Design #41 - Part 3 - Cecil County, MD
By President Mark Davis
June 17, 2021

The final piece of our bridge-mount DFH installation project in Cecil County, MD was to remove the old DFH riser. The old system was the reason we were there in the first place; that design had a fixed-pipe buried in the ground terminating in the stream and outfitted with a barrel strainer. The stream and Mother Nature simply won that contest and the barrel strainer became silted in to a point of the system no longer working. Hence, the installation of our bridge-mount system.

To remove the old riser we simply cut the pipe off below grade, capped the 6-inch part, filled in the hole with dirt and planted some grass seed. If you look closely at the pipe photo when the pipe is cut you will see that the 6-inch pipe was inside a section of fiberglass insulated 10-inch pipe.