Hauling Water - New Hampshire Style!
By President Mark Davis
May 20, 2021

On May 16th, more than 40 folks from several departments in the Candia, New Hampshire area spent their Sunday afternoon hauling water with tankers during a 2-hr water supply drill that was the culmination of our 16-hr Rural Water Supply Operations Seminar hosted by the Candia VFD. The crews used nine tankers and several engines to haul water for 2-hours. Three fill sites were used and each provided about a 2 to 3-mile round trip. A peak flow of 1000 gpm was obtained. Instructors for the weekend were Mark Davis and Tim Legore.

Units: Candia Engine 1 (1250 gpm), Candia Engine 2, (1500 gpm), Candia Tanker 1 (3500 gal), Strafford Engine 3 (3000 gal), Northwood Tanker 1 (2100 gal), Hooksett Tanker 1 (2800 gal), Chichester Engine 1 (2000 gal), Epsom Tanker 1 (1750 gal), Chester Tanker 1 (3000 gal), Auburn Engine 2 (1500 gpm), Auburn Tanker 2 (2500 gal), Manchester Engine 7 (2000 gpm), Manchester Engine 10 (2000 gpm), East Kingston Engine 2 (1750 gpm), Bow Tanker 1 (3000 gal).