Water Supply Apparatus #4 - Attack Monitor Truck - Refinery Operations
By President Mark Davis
February 18, 2021

For about 20 years we spent time along the Gulf Coast teaching pump operations to refinery fire brigade/fire department personnel. All of those settings are really where the "big water" flows occur. Along the way we got to see a variety of rigs used to provide fire protection in all kinds of high-risk industrial settings. During one of classes back in 2009 in Corpus Christi, Texas we came across an "attack monitor/manifold" truck operated by Valero refining. The truck basically was outfitted with a big manifold that could be supplied by a facility's fire water system or by a high-capacity industrial pumper. The 3/4-ton pick-up truck could easily maneuver through facility process areas where larger rigs might not fit. The truck shown in these photos can support a master stream device, feed a couple of small lines (2-1/2" or 3") and supply a small foam line. Nothing fancy by any means but certainly quite functional. Note: Disregard the trailer that the truck is towing, the trailer was carrying some equipment for class at the local training facility and is not used for water supply/fire attack operations.