Fill Site Operations #10 - Portable Pumps Used for Open Relay - Illinois
By President Mark Davis
February 4, 2021

Back in 2010 during our 2-day seminar in Deer Creek, Illinois we got the chance to see folks use twin, 500 gpm portable pumps to support an "open relay" as the supply point for reloading tankers. The portable pumps and 5-inch LDH were received as part of a regional water supply grant and the folks put the items to work during the weekend seminar and ran a very efficient and effective tanker loading side. The two portable pumps fed a large dump tank from which a pumper then drafted and loaded tankers at around a 1000 gpm rate. The site never ran out of water during the 2-hour operation. The key to success was using the 5-inch LDH to cover the 300-ft distance from the creek to the dump tank.