Dry Fire Hydrant Design #39 - Bridge-Mount - Clarendon, Vermont
By President Mark Davis
January 14, 2021

Seems that we forgot to post this from back in 2017. We installed this bridge mount DFH on Walker Mountain Road in Clarendon, Vermont back in October 2017. The local FD took the opportunity to have one of our systems installed on a new bridge over the Clarendon River. Water was abundant and clean and the Town was willing to modify the bridge rail some in order to better accommodate the DFH's suction head when the system was deployed. The installation was funded in part by a State grant and end product provided much needed easy access to the river's water. Lift at this location was 11.5 feet and elevation was 643 ft. The flow test produced around a 1000 gpm using a 1250 gpm pumper.