Dry Fire Hydrant Design #37 - Strainer Installation Tip
By President Mark Davis
December 24, 2020

Quite a bit of our work involves the evaluation of existing dry fire hydrants that have some problem. Often times the problem involves a damaged strainer and when that strainer is glued and part of a fixed installation....well, there is no easy way of making the repair...either drain the water source in order to access the strainer or send in a diver. The better choice is to plan accordingly ahead of time for strainer replacement or maintenance. If you take the time to construct the system so that the strainer can be removed underwater without much effort or equipment then future repairs and maintenance will be much easier.

When we complete a fixed-installation, (meaning the pipe and strainer stay in the water all of the time) we take the extra time to outfit the suction strainer so that it can be unthreaded from the pipe if needed. This arrangement is much easier for a diver to handle as opposed to having to cut pipe and install a repair fitting underwater.