Dry Fire Hydrant Design #35 - Box Culvert Installation - Whiteford, Maryland
By President Mark Davis
December 10, 2020

We recently competed a somewhat unusual dry fire hydrant design and installation project in Harford County, Maryland where we modified our saddle-mount design to create a fixed-installation along the wing wall of a box culvert. The customer was interested in having the suction head within 10-ft reach of where a pumper would park, so we had to extend the pipe up a short incline toward the road.

In terms of permitting, the pipe and suction strainer do not touch the stream bottom... and the stream bottom and surrounding wetland area were never disturbed, so no special environmental permitting was needed. However, a general work permit was needed from the State Highway Administration because the stream and box culvert we located along a State road.

A flow test was done once the installation was completed and the test produced a1284 gpm flow using a 1750 gpm pumper.