LDH Appliances #09 - When You Don't Have an LDH Discharge; Another Example
By President Mark Davis
August 27, 2020

Another example of how to work with LDH when your pumper does not have a high-flow discharge. This photo from our 2012 Relay Pumping Seminar in Hyde Park, New York shows Fairview Engine 41-12 (1250 gpm) using two, short lengths of 3-inch hose to supply an LDH manifold that was supplying water to another engine 1000-feet up the road. Engine 41-12 did not have an LDH discharge. The drill was a 5000-ft relay of 5-inch hose and the Fairview engine's job was to "hop in the relay" after water was flowing and help boost the flow. Because an LDH manifold was the only control valve at the "hop in" point, the flow had to be shut down, the 5-inch linch broken and connected to the engine's intake, and then the twin, 3-inch lines connected to the manifold. The crew did a great job....they had everything laid out and ready to go before water flow was stopped, The change out was complete in under 3-minutes and water flow restored. Using the twin, 3-inch lines allowed greater flow than just simply hooking the 5-inch line to a single, 2-1/2 in discharge.