LDH Appliances #07 - It Doesn't Always Have to Go on the Hydrant
By President Mark Davis
July 9, 2020

One of our friends in Alberta, Canada grabbed a photo of a hydrant/relay LDH valve in use at a structure fire in Grande Prairie. The photo is a good depiction of using an LDH hydrant valve....just not connected to the hydrant. We have seen this application in a few locales and it is useful when the hydrants are set back from the street or when there is concern about the weight of the valve on the hydrant outlet. If needed, the supply pumper can simply hop in line and increase the pressure to overcome friction loss on a long hose lay or for a higher fire flow. That was not needed at this fire...but they were ready.

Many thanks to William Vavrek for sharing his photo. Check out his work at his Facebook page....he shoots a lot of nice fireground stuff.