Above Ground Storage Tanks #01
By President Mark Davis/Assistant Chief Jay Schwarz
July 16, 2020

We recently had some discussion in our Discussion Forum about the use of above ground storage tanks for fire protection water supplies. Assistant Chief Jay Schwarz from Bastrop County ESD#2 provided us some photos and info on the 10,000-gal above ground tank that they built to refill tenders.

According to AC Schwarz, "At Bastrop County ESD#2 station in Paige we have a tank setup to fill tenders. It is a 10,000-gallon tank with a 4" PVC pipe supplying a pump that a firefighter turns on to fill the tender. We are tied into a local water company's line for refilling the tank and that process is controlled by electrical floats, so while tenders are enroute back to the fire scene the tank will fill and not overflow. The exposed piping is insulated and the pump is in a shed were a small space heater keeps it from freezing. We built the system ourselves, in doing so we learned a lot on what not to do next time."

The above ground tank system looks like it works just fine. We thank AC Schwarz for sharing his photos and story with us.