Tanker Operations #20 - More About Commercial Water Haulers
By President Mark Davis
June 25, 2020

Digging through some more old photos we found these from our trip to Alabama. We don't know much about the rig in terms of capacity or pump size (it was parked in the hotel parking lot), but we do know that in a pinch it could be used to haul water to a fire. The rig most likely would work best at some type of wildland fire where flow requirements are somewhat low and where it could be used to refill brush engines or grass rigs. At a more demanding fire, the rig would best serve the operation by pumping off its water through fire hose into a dump tank while staying out of the way of tankers with dump chutes. We encourage all fire departments who service non-hydranted areas to become familiar with the capabilities of their local commercial water hauling companies. You never know when you might want them coming to your big water event!