What's on Your Engine Company #02 - Pine Grove, PA
By President Mark Davis
May 21, 2020

We have been looking through our photo albums these last couple months and trying to share some stuff that we haven't shared already. This week takes us back to our 2016 seminar in Summit Station, PA where we spent the weekend hauling water with tankers. While there we came across Engine 58-15 from the North End Fire Co. in Pine Grove, PA. An older model E-One pumper with "speed lays," the folks at North End rigged up their own way of carrying a pre-connected TFT Blitzfire. While this is not uncommon, we still like to see how folks innovate. However, more recent photos of Engine 58-15 show the Blitzfire no longer pre-connected. We don't know why. Maybe the bundle of hose did not work out so well. #gotbigwater


jack cottet May 25, 2020 at 10:17 AM
i have noticed that horizontal shelf of aluminum treadplate that below the cross lays and have seen it used as a mounting place for blitz fire type appliances often. It makes a safe and handy mounting location. The small mini guns have added a whole new weapon for use on initial attach where the fire is already beyond the handline stage. I welcome them and support the concept of 500 gpm at ground level applied fS SUBSTANTIAL AND CAN CRIPPLE YOUR ATTACKor knockdown . HOWEVER YOU NEED TO WATCH THE FLOW RATE IT IS ONLY HIGH WHEN PUMPED AT HIGH ENOUGH PRESSURE FRICTION LOSS I