Dry Fire Hydrant Repair & Maintenance #09 - Replacing a Defective Suction Head
By President Mark Davis
May 14, 2020

We recently completed a small repair project involving a defective suction head on a 30,000-gallon underground fire protection water storage tank. The local FD had tested the tank and found they could not hold a draft. The test was part of the approval process for occupancy of a structure on the property. The tank was more than 15 years old and the structure had sat vacant for several years. The tank had to be operational in order for the new tenant to occupy the property...thus the need for the repair.

Our assessment concluded that the suction head had a crack in it and needed total replacement. This was good news because sometimes the suction pipe is also damaged...which is a much bigger project. We simply replaced the old head with a new head from ETT, LLC and the project was completed in no time. Since the weather was nice, we thought we would video chronicle the repair.