What's on Your Tanker? #23 - An Important 30 Degrees
By President Mark Davis
April 23, 2020

The use of elbow-style fittings (generally the 30-degree sweep style) on LDH intake and discharge connections is important on two fronts. First, the weight of LDH when filled with water can place quite a bit of stress on the discharge/intake connection. The higher up the connection, the more the hose is suspended and the more stress placed on the fitting. Second, without a 30-degree elbow the LDH can kink at the fitting much easier. Something as simple as the 30-degree fitting doesn't seem like a big deal but it certainly can make a difference when trying to load tankers. Therefore, the best practice is to use the 30-degree "turn-down" fittings whenever using LDH discharges and intakes.