Water Supply Planning #03 - Construction Site Water Supply
By President Mark Davis
April 16, 2020

Looking through some more photos from 10 years ago we came across these from a rather unique water supply operation at a large, highway construction site in Maryland. The purpose of the operation was dust control and ancillary water use on the site. The large elevated tank was kept full via a fire hydrant connection, a few hundred feet of fire hose, and an automatic shut-off valve. Two large water trucks hauled water as needed and reloaded at the elevated tank using a chain-operated valve. Absent the issue with freezing temperatures, such a design could be used in rural areas as long as some type of water supply exists (a well, a low-flow hydrant, etc).

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Bert Baumgartner April 21, 2020 at 10:47 PM
In picture #2 the Peterbilt tanker could likely be about 4500 gallons I worked on a construction site with a similar truck that had that much capacity, the PTO pump was more volume than pressure but worked quite well with the side sprayers for what we were doing. They would work well in some wildland situations. But to charge a hose and supply water they were pretty poor. I have seen some water trucks set up with independently powered pumps and one large tractor trailer unit set up with a very large diesel powered pump and a monitor likely from an old pumper truck I think.

GotBigWater April 22, 2020 at 4:13 PM