Tanker Design #10 - Pay Attention to Labels and Instructions
By President Mark Davis
March 26, 2020

It is a simple concept, when the manufacturer places an informational label or placard on a piece of fire apparatus it is important that folks take a moment or two to review the information. It is more commonplace today to see tank design/operating criteria posted in plain sight on a tanker or tender. Of special importance is information pertaining to the capacity of the tank and any fill rate or pressure limitations. From a maintenance perspective, is it important to review tank-related documents that come with a new tanker or tender. In those documents will be information about the warranty as well as information about the care, maintenance, and operation of the tank.

The tanker and label featured in this news story comes from a new, 2,000-gallon tanker operated by the Denver FD in North Carolina. The tank placard is mounted close to the pump panel on the rig and provides all the basic information needed.

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