LDH Appliances #06 - The Importance of Annual Service Testing
By President Mark Davis
December 26, 2019

Ten years ago in Sussex County, New Jersey there was a catastrophic failure of an LDH manifold during a training exercise. The failure resulted in serious injury to one firefighter and serves as a good reminder to inspect, maintain, and test all of your LDH appliances in compliance with the NFPA 1962 standard. As proponent of "big water" operations involving LDH, we cannot stress enough the importance of purchasing and using good quality LDH products and investing the time to take care of these products. Attached to this week's News Story is a copy of the investigative report from the 2009 incident in New Jersey. Also attached is Section 9 of Task Force Tips Manual: LDH Valved Appliances.

Attachment hampton_township_ff_Injury_rpt.pdf  (13,577k)
Attachment TFT Appliance Testing.pdf  (90k)

Dennis January 07, 2020 at 9:52 AM
So this is something Ive never thought about but do think it is a good idea. my question though with the standard on this who and where can you go to get this done?

GotBigWater January 07, 2020 at 9:58 AM
Many of the commercial fire hose testing companies now perform testing on appliances and suction hose since those items are included in the revised NFPA standard.