Drafting Tip #19 - Dual Suctions Regardless of Pump Size
By President Mark Davis
December 19, 2019

We can never emphasize enough the importance of getting as many suction lines into the water source as possible when operating as a water supply piece. Granted, in most cases the size of the motor will dictate the final performance of the rig. But just about every pump configuration will see improved capacity performance when adding additional suction lines beyond what was used in the certification layout. A good example is shown in the photos here as Pea Ridge Engine 101 (1,000 gpm) uses dual, 6-inch suctions to support a 1,000 gpm tanker loading station. While a single suction line may have achieved the desired flow, getting the second suction in the water certainly guaranteed it. Another example of why pumpers in rural areas should carry more than 20-feet of suction hose. The photos were taken during our 2010 rural water supply seminar in Shelby County, Alabama.