Water Supply Apparatus #2 - Navy Surplus Pump - Prudence Island, Rhode Island
By President Mark Davis
December 5, 2019

During our 2015 rural water supply seminar on Prudence Island, Rhode Island we had the opportunity to use a rather unique water supply piece...Unit 85, a small flat-bed style truck equipped with a large, government surplus dewatering pump. We were never able to determine the exact rated capacity of the pump but based upon its use during the seminar we suspect a 750 gpm or greater rating. The rig's short wheelbase allows for easy maneuvering around the island's narrow roadways. The pump does not have a priming device so it has to manually primed before being used under drafting conditions. However, the pump performed quite well and did a really nice job of supporting water supply operations during the 2-hr tanker shuttle drill.

We always like to see local ingenuity....so kudos to the folks from the PIVFD!