Fire Pumps #04 - Rear Suction Intakes
By President Mark Davis
November 7, 2019

Rear intakes on midship mount pumpers quite often outperform front intakes simply because of their design and "easy" path to the fire pump. When specifying a rear intake it is important to include the size of the pipe used. In some cases, just saying that you want a 6-inch rear intake will get you 5-inch pipe to the pump and a 5"x6" adaptor for hose connection. Of course, going to 6-inch pipe is increased cost, but compared to the flow capability under drafting conditions of a front-intake, the cost is generally worth it.

During our October seminar in Pike Road, Alabama we came across a really nice 1500gpm/1500gal engine tanker made by KME for the Pike Road FD. The rig had many nice features, one of which was the 6-inch (with 6-inch pipe) rear intake which we used under drafting conditions during the 2-hr drill. As with anything, it is the "little-things" that make a difference. Carefully review all of specifications and try to use performance specifications wherever possible.