Hauling Water - Alabama Style!
By President Mark Davis
October 10, 2019

On October 6th, folks from several departments in Montgomery County, Alabama spent the afternoon hauling water with tankers. The drill was the culmination of our 16-hr Rural Water Supply Operations Seminar sponsored and hosted by the Pike Road Fire Department. Saturday morning was spent reviewing the best practices of hauling water with tankers. Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning were spent completing practical activities involving dump site and fill site operations. Sunday afternoon everyone got the chance to try and run a 2-hr uninterrupted water supply drill supplying 500 gpm over a 1.7-mile road course using five tankers and one fill site. The drill was a success and water flow was never once interrupted. Many thanks to Chief Matt Missildine and the the folks at Pike Road FD for their excellent logistical support and hospitality. Instructors for the weekend were Mark Davis and Tim Legore.

Units: Pike Road Engines 1 & 2, Pike Road Tankers 1 & 6, Rollings Hill Lakes Tanker 1, North Montgomery Tanker 1, and Fitzpatrick Engine 1.