Hauling Water - North Carolina Style!
By President Mark Davis
October 3, 2019

On September 29th, more than 40 folks from the Catawba County region of North Carolina participated in a 2-hour water supply drill that was the culmination of our 16-hr Rural Water Supply Operation Seminar that was sponsored by Catawba Valley Community College and hosted by Sherrills Ford -Terrell Fire & Rescue. Saturday morning was spent in the classroom reviewing the best practices of hauling water with tankers. Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning were spent on practical skill activities involving dump site and fill site operations. Sunday afternoon brought everyone together to haul water for 2-hours without interruption.

The drill produced a peak flow of 800 gpm using two fill sites; one using a 1500 gpm fire boat and producing a 4.2-mile round trip and one using a 30,000 gal underground tank with about a 1.5-mile roundtrip. The real challenge was the location of the dump site which was at an abandoned residential development with narrow roads and cul de sacs.

Instructors for the weekend were Mark Davis and Alan Butsch. Many thanks to BC Houston Garris and the folks at Sherrills Ford - Terrell Fire & Rescue for the excellent hospitality and logistical support.

Units: Sherrills Ford -Terrell Fire Rescue (SFTFR) Engines 1 & 3, Tankers 1, 2, & 3, Denver Tanker 10, Denver Fireboat 13, Maiden Engine 3 , Catawba Engine 83, Claremont Engine 72, and St Stephens Engine 46.