Dump Site Operations #17 - Water Transfer Operations - Iowa
By President Mark Davis
August 29, 2019

When using portable dump tanks for water supply operations, the ability to transfer water between tanks becomes very important as the fire flow demand increases. Traditionally, jet siphons are the most effective means of quickly moving water from one dump tank to another. Unfortunately, the flow performance of jet siphons varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. In the end, it really is about "How does it look?" as the definitive measurement tool for adequate pressure feeding a jet siphon. The photo shown in this News Story was taken during our 2018 Rural Water Supply Operations Seminar in Johnson County, Iowa and shows three really good looking discharge streams from three different types of jet siphon devices. When pumping a jet siphon make the output look like the output shown in the photo. We are working on a project to quantify jet siphon flow efficiency and hopefully will get that off the ground in the next 12 months.