Dry Fire Hydrant Design 18 - Swivel Bridge Mount Design - Hancock, New Hampshire
By President Mark Davis
October 25, 2018

In mid-October we installed one of our swiveling, bridge-mount dry fire hydrants on Tannery Hill Road in Hancock, New Hampshire. The folks at the Hancock FD contacted us in the Spring of 2018 and we were able to swing through in May and complete a site assessment. Once approvals were gained through the Town, production began on the system and installation was completed on October 11th. The key to the success of the installation was the modification of the top rail on the bridge...which was done by the Town public works folks. The removable rail allowed the suction head to be located at a level below the suction inlet on a pumper thus minimizing the creation of an air pocket in the head.

Once the installation was complete, a performance test was completed and the system produced a flow of 1,016 gpm using the 3-inch pre-piped deck gun on Hancock FD's Engine 2 (1250 gpm). The system most likely could flow more water; output was limited by the pumper.

Our swiveling bridge mount dry fire hydrants work well in those areas where fixed-pipe installations are not practical. Many thanks to the folks at the Hancock FD for the excellent support provided during the project.