Tanker Design #8 - 2,500 gallon Tanker - Leitersburg, MD
By President Mark Davis
February 20, 2020

A few photos of a new tanker popped up on our social media feeds and we thought we would share some info about the new delivery.

Leitersburg VFC located in Washington County, Maryland recently took delivery of a 2020 Kenworth T880 Rosenbauer 2,500-gallon tanker. The unit features a 565Hp Cummins ISX motor with an Allison Transmission and is outfitted with 1000 gpm single stage PTO-driven Waterous Pump. The rig has 10" side dumps, a 12" rear dump and LDH discharges on the side and rear. Tanker 9 can pump and roll if needed and carries 500' of 5" LDH, 300' of 3" and has two, 200' 1 3/4" pre-connects. The unit also carries a 5" clappered siamese and a 2500 gal portable dump tank.

The new tanker replaced a 1994 Freightliner S&S single-axle 2000 gal rig that had a 750 gpm pump.

We always enjoy seeing new deliveries and when folks have thought through the design process to meet their water supply plan delivery needs. This short-wheel base tandem axle rig should provide good maneuvering and power through the mountain roads of Washington County and the 1,000 gpm pump and big dumps provide good, high-volume options once arriving on the scene.

(All photos provided courtesy the LVFC)